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Introducing CantonBaby: Preserving Cantonese

Cantonese (Yue Chinese) is not just my mother tongue; it's the mother tongue of tens of millions of people worldwide. Yet, this language faces the threat of extinction due to political and social developments.

But let me tell you something to be proud of. Only in two places in the world, Hong Kong and Macau (with a combined population of less than 8 million), is Cantonese an official language. However, the number of native Cantonese speakers is nearly a hundred million, surpassing the populations of Canada and many European countries.

Some may see this as a result of natural selection, but as long as we are willing to strive for change, we can confidently continue speaking this language in the world.

This website is dedicated to sharing Cantonese vocabulary, teaching materials, and more. We hope you find it both useful and inspiring in our shared mission to preserve Cantonese for generations to come.





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