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經驗豐富導師 - Claudia

Experienced teacher - Claudia


- 網上平台教課超過1000小時

- 線下教課亦有超過5年經驗

- 大學主修語言學、尤其專注廣東話

- 學生遍及全球,學生類型亦很多元化如:銀行家、企業家、醫生、律師、空中服務員、企業顧問、系統分析師、精算師、教師、退休人士、大學生、中小學生等等

Guaranteed quality

- More than 1000 hours of teaching on the online platform

- Over 5 years of experience in offline teaching

- University majoring in linguistics, focusing on Cantonese

- Students are universal and global, and students are also very diverse, such as bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, flight attendants, business consultants, systems analysts, actuaries, teachers, retirees, college students, primary and secondary school students, etc.

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