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經驗豐富導師 - Claudia

Experienced teacher - Claudia

🌟 卓越保證:

  • 在線教學經驗超過2000小時

  • 五年以上的線下教學專業知識

🎓 值得信賴的專業知識:

  • 主修語言學,專攻廣東話的大學專業

  • 學生遍及全球:美國、加拿大、日本、荷蘭、新加坡、印度、泰國、英國、台灣、中國內地等!

🌍 多元化的學生社群:

  • 學生來自各行各業:銀行家、企業家、醫生、律師、空中服務員、企業顧問、系統分析師、精算師、教師、退休人士、大學生、中小學生等等!


Unlock Your Potential with Our Courses!

🌟 Guarantee of Excellence:

  • Over 2000 hours of online teaching experience

  • More than 5 years of offline teaching expertise


🎓 Expertise You Can Trust:

  • University major in linguistics, specializing in Cantonese

  • Our students hail from all corners of the globe: United States, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Thailand, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Mainland China, and beyond!


🌍 Diverse Student Community:

  • Our students come from various backgrounds: bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, flight attendants, business consultants, systems analysts, actuaries, teachers, retirees, university students, schoolchildren, and more!

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