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[Beginner-intermediate 初學-中級] 【Cantonese Situation Practice 粵語情景練習】Ordering food/ 嗌嘢食/ 點菜

【Cantonese Situation Practice 粵語情景練習】Ordering food/ 嗌嘢食/ 點菜

Ordering food in the restaurant 喺餐廳嗌嘢食 在餐廳點菜 (中文字幕 English Sub)
Ordering food in the restaurant 喺餐廳嗌嘢食 在餐廳點菜 (中文字幕 English Sub)

Go YouTube and watch the video! 去youtube 睇片!

Ordering food in the restaurant 喺餐廳嗌嘢食 在餐廳點菜 (中文字幕 English Sub)


This guide is designed for learners who want to practice and enhance their conversational skills in a restaurant setting.


Lesson Overview:

- Key Vocabulary:Learn essential words and phrases for ordering food and drinks.

- Dialogues: Study common dialogues you'll encounter in a restaurant.

- Pronunciation Practice:Listen and repeat to improve your accent.


  • 關鍵詞彙: 學習點菜和飲品時使用的基本詞彙和短語。

  • 對話範例: 學習在餐廳常見的對話情景。

  • 發音練習: 聽後重複,改善你的口音。


Content Intro:

1. Essential Vocabulary: A list of words and phrases used in a restaurant, with Jyutping.

2. Sample Dialogues: Conversational examples between a customer and a waiter.

3. Practice Exercises: Interactive exercises to test your understanding.

4. Transcription: for your record and practice


  1. 基本詞彙: 用於餐廳的詞彙和短語列表,附粵拼。

  2. 樣本對話: 顧客和服務員之間的對話範例。

  3. 練習練習: 互動練習,測試您的理解能力。

  4. 文字版本: 讓你參考並練習。


本課內容 Contents

**按 「 〉」 展開內容。

**Click " 〉" to expand the contents.

1a. Practice Exercises and Questions (For English learners)

1b. 練習練習和問題 (中文讀者)

2. Vocab 詞語

3. Transcription 整個對話內容文字本



Cantonese Situation Practice

- Encourage learners to use this guide to practice speaking confidently in Cantonese while ordering food.



- 鼓勵學習者練習在點菜時用廣東話自信地交談。


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Happy learning!

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